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Chemical excitation

Fancy cat

Fancy cat


NOS3 may have an effect in the effectiveness of BDNF.  G/G genotypes of NOS3 has been found in higher frequencies in faster triathletes.

Genetic predetermenants of athletic ability may explain some of the variance found by the association of aerobic fitness hypothesis.

"eNOS [NOS3] is associated with plasma membranes surrounding cells and the membranes of Golgi bodies within cells.” - wiki

Golgi Bodies: “It processes and packages macromolecules, such as proteins and lipids, after their synthesis and before they make their way to their destination; it is particularly important in the processing of proteins for secretion.” - wiki


Fighting as exercise

Evolutionary importance on fighting induced exercise. Hunting can be considered fighting too, especially early in history -


use between subjects design to test several different modes of exercise on similar outcomes. 

Possible Experiments

Pre-doctoral NIH

  • Lower extrimity
  • low-grade glioma
  • genetics
  • glia
  • Cultural Differences in the exercise /cog effect (e.g., BDNF) - Uncontacted tribes
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Battery Hypothesis (chi)

look at exercise as charging a battery.

more time spent charging the battery will result in a bigger battery (fitness/strength gains). however, it’s the actual charge in the battery, not the size that predicts the increased psychological/cognitive benefits.

- those with larger batteries, may have a bit more residual charge - or they tend to spend more time exercising in general. that may account for some of the fitness differences we see.

Code breaking

Look at the effects of exercise on cognitive flexibility (language learning/code breaking/divergent thinking)

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